Vatra EP


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released October 30, 2011

Recorded at Lion's Maine Productions
Produced by Kevin Billingslea



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SUFFERER Palmyra, Maine

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Track Name: Intro/The Good Fight
Lungs deep in apologies
A brain thick with hate
Set the blood to a boiling heat
I can't even fucking see straight
I'm just the common adolescent on a dead end street
Still the common adolescent on a dead end street

Today you'll wonder
If the choices you made were better off
Without your interjection
Maybe your mouth is better shut
This silent killer will eat you up from the inside
It's left to bring you down
And you're left fighting for your life
What would you say
If you were called from earth today
Would you be ready?
Or would you try to survive?
I'd be so lonely without you here by my side
I'm not ready to lose yoohoo
Not ready to give up this fight!
We'll never give up this fight
When you are gone there
I get so scared I'll never see you casting shadows
While you are walking beside me
So give it all, just give it all that you have got
We'll keep casting shadows because together we still walk
We will be forced to put up with it
We will see everything that we have missed
Track Name: Limits III
I spent my heart
Waiting on the world to show me
The kind of affection I deserve
False hopes end nowhere
So much suffering to aid a world in their beliefs
We live in ashes, but we're still burning underneath
And now it's time to stand up for what we believe in
Do you believe in something more than this
They hold our strings, we're powerless to stop them
Unless we show them what we know is good empowering
We're left to function as if we are machines
And when it's said and over
You know that we have suffered through
A dead state of hope
My life lessons always had my back
Track Name: Radio After Midnight
Before I sew the seams onto my eyelids tight
Just know the sandman and I are not on good terms tonight
Like the waves after midnight the sounds don't seem right
And I planned this parade in the pouring rain
Curfews broke beyond repair
They lay dead in the streets, oh no
Is that a crime or a disbelief
And i can't laugh hard enough
At the sight of my fears kicking at my heals
They have me by my lungs, my breath is theirs to steal
If I just let them win then I can make a deal
Let's make a deal
Let's say that all of this can be blamed on my youth
But you know that my heart is saying fuck that
Eyes to the sky
Regret off my back and love that's not borrowed
The future you have today won't be the same as tomorrow